Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environment International was founded in 2001 in accordance with Agenda 21 and the belief that education is crucial to changing people’s attitudes. JVE is a non-profit NGO dedicated to the protection of the environment, social equality, and economic development. Headquartered in Togo and operating in 21 countries, it has over one thousand members and is the world’s fastest growing ecological youth movement. The organization focuses both on raising awareness and creating material change. The core mission of JVE is to educate youth and to strengthen their capacity for change by involving them in environmental and sustainable development work.

Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environment Nepal (JVE-NEPAL) is service oriented non-government organization. JVE-NEPAL established in 2012 with the aim of providing environment education, sustainable development, poverty alleviation social & economic justice, health & education service, providing equal access to the Adults/ Youth, women and backward communities. JVE-NEPAL registered in District Administration Office Kathmandu and Society Welfare Council Nepal.


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