Types of DEVIANT behavior among young people

Milica Kocic Faculty of Philosophy
(Department of sociology, University of Niš, Serbia) 


In today's modern world, young people are in very delicate situation. In countries where basic human needs are not fulfilled, where existential needs are considered as luxury, young man is perceptived as “succesfful” as long as he manages to stay in school and out of the “bad company”.

There are many criteria for defining some behaviour as “good” or “ bad”. The most common criteria is statistical point of view, where we evaluate something as deviation as soon that is much different from the average. However, less simple explanation of deviant behaviour is intersted in the patholoical side of human behaviour and want's to reveal the presence of certain diseases or something artificial. In order to prevent the occurrence of deviant behaviour of young people, the society is active in influencing trough the system of educatio

 Most scientist of social science agree that the most susceptible to deviant behaviur, although they are the healthiest age group, are the adolescents. What leads to this type of behaviour actually are accumulated social problems, ranging from economics to moral problems.

Three most common types of deviant behaviour for the adolescents are smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction. Smoking is considered as the first step to alkoholism and drug addiction. The number of smokers is very high but the research shows  that that number is reducing. For example, in year 2000. in Serbia, the percent of men smokers was 38 and among women 30 percent and in year 2006. that number was reduced for 10 percent among men and for 4 percent among women.Reasrch indicate that this is a really big problem so the question is how to act to prevent smoking. One way could be the price of cigarettes, then the banning of advertaising an promotion of tobacco products , ban on smoking in publik places and so. This could give positive results especially among young people because they are more sensitive to this kind of action. Not much different situation is with alcoholism and drugs. So the conclusion would be that the key role in pevention of  this types of deviant behaviour has society together with famiy and educaion system. The fact that the young people are not satisfied with their way of life must not lead to deviant behaviour.

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